As discussed above, Sebastian County is famous for the lakes it ponders within itself. The two major seats of the city i.e. Fort Smith and Greenwood both have a large number of lakes within these areas. 2.6 % of the total land is covered with lakes. There are almost 25 lakes and reservoirs which are named and several are unnamed too. These numerous reservoirs and lakes are the reason for Sebastian county’s cold and soothing climate. The named lakes such as Lake spur, Sugarloaf lake, Courthouse Slough et cetera. Various reservoirs include Crouch lake, Crane lake, Bonneville Lake, Engineer lake, Gurisco lake, pool 13, Wofford lake and much more.

The surroundings of the Sebastian County are filled with vintage buildings and historic monuments. For example, there is Clayton house, Sebastian County Courthouse I.e. Fort Smith City Hall, The Vineyard cabin, and South Sebastian county historical society et cetera. Various old monuments and buildings have been converted and refurbished into courthouses or museums’. All the monuments and buildings have been nearly 100-year-old, and yet stand erect with pride. The museums are the best places to visit in Sebastian County since they are places with immense knowledge about the city and state's history.

People In Sebastian County

An assorted group of people secures up the citizenry of Sebastian County. Women, men, and children from all walks of life, from all sectors of the United States, and from all across the globe gather in an area to relish and work mutually. Sebastian County has a genuine economy, a comparatively low cost of existence, low unemployment rate and a strong mix of manufacturing, industrial, licensed and agrarian elements resulting in a well-balanced and flourishing area in which to savor.

Sebastian County has an excellent school and a very low crime rate. All the natural and man-made peaceful places such as lakes, streams, mountains, and forests proffer Sebastian County as a refreshing and pleasing place to visit and tour with family.

The South Sebastian County Historical Society (SSCHS) attempts to preserve and mark south Sebastian County masterpieces, gather and conserve records of local historical events, manage a museum to house artifact’s, and distribute an annual magazine. In 2010, the society had 250 members. The members of the committee try and gather as much as information possible from the past about each monument to deliver it to the residents and the tourists in most efficient and effective manner. They are surely doing an excellent work to intact the culture and history of the city and its state too.