"Sebastian county tourist attractions"

Sebastian County is inhabited on Arkansas’s western edge in the natural section identified as the Arkansas Valley. The Arkansas River makes up the county’s northern border, while its southern border brushes upon the Ouachita Mountains. Though there are many places to visit in this city of Arkansas. But this article would concentrate on various wonderful and vintage places in the city. Here is a list of seven wonders of Sebastian County that are worth visiting and discussing the history about.

"Sebastian County Historical Society"

South Sebastian County Historical Society

The South Sebastian County Historical Society (SSCHS) endeavors to conserve and mark south Sebastian County monuments, gather and conserve records of local historical events, manage a museum to house artifacts, and distribute an annual magazine. In 2010, the society had 250 members.

"Ben Geren Park"

Ben Geren Park

Ben Geren Park offers one of the exceptional bike trails in Arkansas. This asphalt trail is ADA-accessible within the first mile. There are above five miles of asphalt trails with perpetual expansions, in extension, there are above twelve miles of mountainous and rough trails for mountain bikers and hiking. The mountain bike trail arrangement has been placed by the state as one of eleven premier arrangements in Arkansas.

"Sebastian county vineyard cabin"

The Vineyard Cabin (Circa 1848)

This epic monument was erected by a bachelor school professor named William Blaylock, who subsisted in the cabin and helped a student in their studies in a small school there until he got hitched in 1850. After his wedding, he added an extra room, joining the two with a dogtrot going the depth of the cabin. The cabins were constructed of rough-hewn oak timbers, chiseled, heaped, and clinched to form the walls. It was relocated from its original place, just outside the city, into Greenwood peculiar and refurbished in 1996.

"The Sebastian county jail"

The Sebastian Jail

Sebastian Jail in Greenwoods is one of the vintages and classical construction in downtown Greenwood. It was established in 1892. It outlasted unharmed by both the 1922 fire furthermore the 1968 tornado that demolished largest of the constructions in town. Sebastian Jail is built from stone quarried from Backbone Mountain.

During the Great Depression, the Sebastian Jail was managed as a cannery. It was also utilized in the making of cotton mattresses by women commissioned by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Refurbishment of the jail and its consequent remodeling into a museum, now on the National Register of Historic Places, opened in 1994. The Old Jail Museum is presently open for tours seasonally or by particular arrangement.

"Ben Geren Disc Golf Course"

Ben Geren Disc Golf Course

Ben Geren Disc Golf Course is the longest and finest course in the region. With two 18 hole courses and a third in the operations, this area of adroitness has a mixture of challenges and conditions. Alternative pin placements varied systematically. Watch for water, tunnel shots immersed and hanging targets! The local association hosts many events during the year.

"Sebastian County Courthouse"

Sebastian County Courthouse a.k.a Fort Smith City Hall

The Sebastian County Courthouse persists at 100 South 6th Street, less than a mile from the Fort Smith National Cemetery, in the center of the edge city of Fort Smith (i.e. Sebastian County). The white, Art Deco–style courthouse is home to one of the county’s two positions of authority (the other is in Greenwood) as well as Fort Smith’s City Hall. This is the single government building in Arkansas that has this double purpose.

The Arkansas Historic Preservation Program identifies the structure for its historical importance due to its New Deal–era architecture, as well as its constructive characteristics. It was registered on the National Register of Historic Places on June 8, 1993.

" Clayton family house"

Clayton House Aka W. H. H. Clayton Home

The authentically renovated Clayton House, circa 1882, endures in the heart of the Belle Grove Historic District in Fort Smith (Sebastian County). It is built in a twenty-two-block area, within which it highlights more than twenty separate Victorian-era architectural styles.

Now, the house is loaded with vintage and antique furniture, including several Clayton family pieces. The bulk of the other furnishings belongs to Agnes Oglesby, who had been familiarized with the Clayton family and who breathed till the age of 105. She gave her undivided estate of Victorian furniture when the museum was inaugurated in 1977.


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