Located in the American state Arkansas, Sebastian County is an eventful yet calm place that is home to a number of beautiful sites that are definitely worth visiting for all the travelers out there. As Ray Bradbury so beautifully puts it in his enchanting words, “See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories”.

Add These Sites To Your Bucket List

So, here are some beautiful places in Sebastian County that sure deserve to make it to the traveler’s bucket list.

The Creekmore Park

"The Creekmore Park"

Located in Sebastian County, the Creekmore Park with its swings, pool and quiet places is a delight for both kids and adults. A perfect place for a jog or a run, you may often find children having a great time on the swings. Peace lovers and less adventurous people may find quiet places in the park to just sit and relax.

The Chaffee Barbershop Museum

The Chaffee Barbershop Museum in Arkansas is a restored WWII army barber shop where U.S. soldiers received their signature haircuts and where Elvis Presley got his first military haircut.

The Parrot Island Waterpark

"The Parrot Island Waterpark"

The Parrot Island Waterpark in Sebastian County is a tropical themed water park. It is a great family place and is just the place for kids. With its four water slides, a wave pool, children’s playing area, an activity pool, food and beverages and so much more, it is a great site for both tourists and local travelers.

Ben Geren Regional Park Golf Course

"Ben Geren Regional Park Golf Course"

The Ben Geren Regional Park and Golf Course in Arkansas definitely has something for everyone. It is one of the state’s premier golf courses with a disc golf course, a playground, a mountain biking trail and a variety of other features including events and regular tournaments.

The Riverfront Park

With an outdoor amphitheatre, picnic tables, trails and fishing, the Riverfront Park in Arkansas is a great recreational place. Situated on the river, it has a variety of facilities and features, and also happens to be kid-friendly.

The Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Centre

"Janet Huckabee Arkansas River"

The Janet Huckabee Arkansas River Valley Nature Centre in Fort Smith, Arkansas is a popular local tourist destination. It is built in the Arkansas River Valley and is home to a wide variety of animals and birds. There is an indoor bird watching area also available. Apart from the interesting exhibits, canoeing, fishing and finding trails are other fun activities that people undertake in this enjoyable and beautiful place.

The Choctaw Casino-Pocola

"The Choctaw Casino-Pocola"

The Choctaw Casino-Pocola is a luxury hotel and resort that offers beautiful landscaped pools, a Gilley’s western nightclub, five eateries and a full casino with a number of casino games. Know Some Local Cuisines You Should Try.

The Carol Ann Cross Park

"The Carol Ann Cross Park"

The Carol Ann Cross Park is a community park in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Its many features and facilities include a playground, walking trails, a pavilion a pool, restrooms and much more. From picnicking to fishing, there is a whole host of recreational activities that can be carried out in this park. It is well worth a visit for a small and enjoyable family picnic.

The Tilles Park

"Fort Smith, Arkansas
the tilles park"

The Tilles Park in Fort Smith, Arkansas with its wading pool, walking trail, playground, pavilions and a number of sports is a great place for fun and recreation. Along with a disc golf course, you will find tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball poles and great equipment. It is definitely a fun place for both children and adults.

The Kay Rodgers Park

The Kay Rodgers Park in Sebastian County is another fun place with its rides, activities, shows and other events. Along with the Expo Center, the meeting rooms and the outdoor areas, it is a great place for fun and recreation.


"Sebastian county tourist attractions"

Sebastian County and its surrounding areas, as one can see, has a wide range of places and activities that keep the county alive. Tourists often find themselves enjoying some of these sites such as the River Valley Nature Center and others. If not all, most of these are definitely worth a visit whether one is setting out for a local family picnic or whether one is embarking on a longer trip all the way from a different state or country.