Top 5 Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Holiday In Sebastian County

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Top 5 Events You Shouldn’t Miss This Holiday In Sebastian County

There are many interesting and informative events that take place in the holiday season in Sebastian County. Although interesting, it also gives a chance for people to learn more about their region and either showcase their talent or make a change. Here is a list of the top 5.

Pelican Island Wildlife Festival

"Pelican island wildlife festival"

This annual event celebrates the anniversary of the first National Wildlife Refuge by President Theodore Roosevelt. It is hosted primarily by the city of Sebastian. As a part of it, stories about the history of the Pelican Island is shared. People also talk about how the wildlife should be maintained, preserved, protected and kept well. There are many activities that take place as a part of this event such as- wildlife shows, art exhibitions, photography competitions, auctions, etc. It takes place in the month of March and brings together all the environmental groups of the area. All the further details of the event are given here.

Sebastian Lionfish Fest

"Sebastian lionfish fest"

This event is held always in the month of May each year. Sebastian LionFish Fest includes competition where the person with either the most number of fish, smallest fish, or biggest fish would be the winner of the tourney. In another segment of this event, there is a cooking competition where the person who makes the best seafood delicacy would win. By doing this, the festival tries to spread awareness about wildlife preservation and to save the ecosystem from all the harmful activities humans are undertaking. It is held at Capt. Hiram’s and is one of the most looked forward to event for all the people considering how much everyone there love food and fishing. Know Some Local Cuisines You Should Try.

Transition Expo

"Arkansas transition expo"

Transition Expo is the largest training, career counselling and informative event in entire Arkansas and it takes place in Fort Smith. People of all age groups from students to employers to company owners to people in universities, everyone takes part in it. Everyone who seeks jobs visits the event and connects with all others to form a diverse community. The best part is that it plans about life, not just college or university life, which increases its target audience and why every person loves to go there. The sessions taking place there are highly interactive and makes sure the workshops and all exhibitions are attended by everyone so they can engage a larger work pool. It takes place in the month of November.

Sebastian Riverfront Fine Arts And Music Festival

"Sebastian riverfront fine arts
And Music Festival"

Help in the beginning of the year in January, this event shows a very diverse selection and exhibition of art and music and everything that is famous in that region. It is known as the fest where the art and the river meet since it takes place on the riverfront. It is organized by a not-for-profit organization and their mission is to showcase the importance of art among all schools and universities in that region since it is essential to retain art and music and beauty. People are given a platform to put forth their talent and artistic abilities. Along with this is served the best food, wine, and drinks that are the most famous in the entire region.

Indian River Birding Fest And Nature Art Show

"Indian river birding fest
And Nature Art Show"

This event takes place in the month of October and is hosted by the Pelican Island Preservation Society. The most famous and loved activities taking place are the local birding tours which include the Pokemon Bird Walk and the Owl Prowl, that happen every day and the lectures about the wildlife that co-exists in Sebastian and about all the birds in detail so as to help in birdwatching as well. The event also includes a photography tour event in the Western Region.

The best part, however, is the Sunset Cocktail Cruise where people enjoy food and drinks across the Pelican Island, giving the people a perfect view and memorable events.

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