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Sebastian County is a county situated in the state of Arkansas, and is the fourth most populous one in the state. It was established in the year 1851, and is a hub for tourists owing to its natural beauty and historic attractions along with a large range of aquatic activities experiences.

Sebastian Area Historical Museum

"Sebastian Area Historical Museum"

It is a small historical museum that was built in 1938 in a school. It tells about the story of how the region has developed, the habits of people back in those days in the area such as clothing and agriculture, thus providing a beautiful contrast to what the area is like contemporarily.

Sebastian Bark Park

"Sebastian Bark Park"

This park in the county is a very clean one which is the perfect place to vacation in with your furry friend! It has all possible facilities-water, shade for dogs, is very well-maintained and has a large number of friendly people that you can hang out with, while your dog enjoys in large fields and plays with the others of their kind.

North County Aquatic Center

"North County Aquatic Center"

This water park is undoubtedly the cleanest and the most convenient one where you can chill in a hot day or find your way back to after a long day of travelling. With a friendly staff, an affordable price and enough place to not feel crowded, this aquatic center deserves to be one of the places you visit as a part of your vacation. Know The Most Beautiful Sites For Tourists.

Crab-E-Bills Seafood

"Crab-E-Bills best seafood"

Crab-E-Bills is a tourist-favorite not only for the delicious food that it provides, but also the beautiful view that is guaranteed from the seating area. It serves one of the best seafood in the area and is maintained by a polite and amiable staff that makes sure you do not feel dissatisfied. The best part? It is also pet friendly!

LaPorte Farms

"LaPorte Farms"

If you are an animal lover and want to spend a day among them, LaPorte farms is the right place for you. The farms have a large number of farm animals in a very clean and maintained ground area and is one of the best places to visit with your family. The workers are extremely affable and the tour guides present also give a great deal of insight about all animals present and keep you entertained along the way.

Sebastian Fishing Museum

"Sebastian Fishing Museum"

This little place is worth a visit. Along with some very interesting displays of all forms of fishes, this museum also gives workshops about fishing and usage of equipment. For any person who loves the sea creatures and wishes to explore them, this place would act as the perfect guide for them before they try it out in the real world. Moreover, it also screens movies about fishing in the local areas and the history of oyster-ing.

Captain Hiram's River King Cruises

"Captain Hiram's River King Cruises"

Rated to be the best boat tour and cruise in the Sebastian County, this King Cruise takes you through the river where you can get rare sightings of sea creatures such as dolphins and a memorable view that leaves one spellbound. It is both informative and exciting, and is a perfect package for an entire family.

Riverview Park

"Riverview park"

Bored of the modern world with all its complexities and skyscrapers? The Riverview Park, along the shores of the Indian Ocean, is the best place to just sit and relax and let the day pass by without having to worry about things. The scenic beauty, greenery and excellent view make it worth the time as you become a part of the exhibitions and festivals that take place there occasionally.

Skydive Sebastian

"Skydive at Sebastian"

If you wish to check ‘Skydiving’ off your bucket list, Sebastian is one of the best places to do it where you get a view of the ocean on your way back down! This place takes all necessary safety steps and precautions and guarantees a moment of a lifetime for all its customers. The staff is very supporting and amiable and makes sure all the people who come their make the best of their time.

Mel Fisher’s Treasure Museum

"Mel Fisher’s treasure museum"

Mel Fisher's Treasure Museum is a world leader in the discovery of historic shipwrecks and possesses those treasures. It gives an excellent, educational understanding of the history of the area. It also sells souvenirs in gift shops all around it. If you wish to go for something inexpensive but fun and interesting, this museum would be just the right choice as it guarantees both thrill and knowledge for the visitor.

The vacation spots mentioned in the above list are the perfect spots offering an eclectic mix of dazzling indelible experiences and high order divinity

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