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"Arkansas historic places"

Historic sites are not only of great significance to historians because of the cultural, social, political and military history they represent, but also to the tourists and travelers who are fascinated by the significance and the grandeur of the sites or monuments as well as with the knowledge that they hold. Know The Most Beautiful Sites For Tourists.

Arkansas holds its own share of historical places and even museums. Here are some of the most famous historical places of interest in Sebastian County that are visited by large numbers of tourists.

The Fort Smith Museum Of History

"The Fort Smith Museum Of History"

Established in the year 1910, the Fort Smith Museum of History has a mission to collect, preserve and share the history and culture of Fort Smith and its surrounding regions. Perhaps one of the most famous museums in the area, it illustrates the contributions of the citizens of Fort Smith to the political, cultural and economic development of the area. It is registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum

"The Fort Smith Trolley picture"

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum in Arkansas is basically a streetcar and railroad museum that opened in the year 1985. A major attraction in this museum is perhaps the operating heritage streetcar line that began in the year 1991. The museum preserves and displays the transit history associated with Fort Smith. The museum was established, and is operated by the Fort Smith Streetcar Restoration Association (FSSRA) which itself was formed in the year 1979.

The Fort Smith National Historic Site

"The Fort Smith National Historic Site"

The Fort Smith National Historic Site is a National Historic situated in Arkansas, along the Arkansas river. It was established in the year 1961 in order to protect the remains of two nineteenth century U.S. military forts. These include a building that once housed the United States District Court for the Western District of Arkansas. Fort Smith was a major stop along the ‘Trail of Tears’. In the year 1960, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The Belle Grove Historic District

"The Belle Grove Historic District"

The Belle Grove Historic District is a predominantly residential historic district spanning a hundred and thirty years of varying architectural styles. It is located in Fort Smith in the state of Arkansas. As one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in Arkansas, it includes a cross-section of the architectural styles that were popular in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. The oldest building in the district is John Rogers House whose style is Greek Revival. The district was registered on the National Register of Historic Places in the year 1973.

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum

"The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum"

The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum originated in the year 1948 under the Arkansas Association of University Women. The Associated Artists of Fort Smith began to exhibit and hold classes by the year 1951. It was in the year 1968 that the Fort Smith Art Center was incorporated. The opening of the new museum marked a turning point for the organization and has been a place of great interest for art enthusiasts and tourists alike. The museum also holds events and programs generally scheduled across the year and also facilitates internationally and nationally recognized traveling and rotating exhibits of works. The museum has definitely contributed to the growth of art and culture in the region and beyond.


As you can probably tell, Sebastian County and Arkansas has some pretty great historic sites and places of interest for the enthusiast within you. The county as well as Arkansas has done their job in preserving and displaying the rich history that it possesses.

There are many more interesting sites and architectural marvels that carry historical legacies, ancient grandeur and great significance.

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